Our Story

At Bitchface, our story begins with a resounding "enough is enough." Our founder, fueled by frustration with the beauty industry's endless bullshit and empty promises, decided it was high time for a brand that not only gave a shit, but dared to be different.
Armed with a Bachelor's Degree in Cosmetic and Fragrance Marketing from FIT, our founder not only studied the ins and outs of the industry but graduated with a profound understanding of its inner workings. She saw an opportunity to challenge the status quo and break away from conventional beauty standards.
Her vision was simple yet powerful—a brand built on authenticity, inclusivity, and unapologetic self-expression. Bitchface goes beyond beauty products; it's a rebellion against the norms.
To us, beauty isn't about conforming to societal expectations or fitting into traditional molds. It's a celebration of being unapologetically yourself. Bitchface is a sanctuaryfor those who dare to be different, where individuality is not only embraced but celebrated.
So here's to rewriting the rules, rejecting the status quo, and building a brand that champions individuality,
quality, and responsible practices. Welcome to Bitchface—It's time to redefine beauty on your terms.